Introducing The Six

Welcome to The Six, a new lifestyle destination for Style, Travel, Education, People, Culture and Balance. Each curated section will inspire and educate through stories about people, places and objects.
Markette Six
JUN 26 2019


Three towns you don't want to miss in Italy

Italy has its own magical feeling from the way it sounds when it is pronounced; with an incredibly long history, countless pieces of art, fashion, architecture, food, wine and much more.
Marco Giovanelli
OCT 28 2019


Inspiration for Markette Six

For us, the inspiration for Markette Six came from my mother's passion for quality and honest jewelry.
Heather Knapp
OCT 22 2019

Jewelry feeds my soul.

Listening to clients talk about their personal connections to family jewelry is what most appeals to me as a designer and Gemologist. I love to hear the origins of each piece, especially those linked to a childhood memory.
Emily Sole Growney
SEP 27 2019

An interview with Abingdon Co.

All about living a life of adventure, The Abingdon Co. is the only quality watch brand for women who do adventurous activities like flying airplanes, scuba diving, base jumping, motocross, and racecar driving.
Markette Six
AUG 29 2019

An interview with Julie Genet

Julie Genet, one of our featured designers based in Cagnes Sur Mer, France brings a whimsical vision to her designs. Each collection conceived as a kingdom populated by jewelry characters, Julie Genet's designs are unique pieces, precious and playful.
Markette Six
JUN 26 2019


Gem Legacy: Gems Changing Lives

In February we attended the launch of Gem Legacy, an organization that supports education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities. In our new series, in partnership with this amazing organization, we will focus on these stories of impact.
Gem Legacy
SEP 25 2019


5 Ways to Get Back to Sleep

Finding balance is a constant challenge. To achieve any balance, you have to prioritize yourself. The easiest step towards finding your balance is sleep.
Heather Knapp
AUG 20 2019

Articles from our partners

NOV 07 2019

Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe

Markette Six
When Philip Poniz opened Box 105 at his local Wells Fargo, he discovered it was empty — and that he was totally unprotected by federal law.
OCT 21 2019

Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution

Eileen McClelland
What’s the value of a good idea? In the rapidly changing landscape of jewelry retail, your good idea could revitalize your business, if you have the vision and courage to put it into action.
OCT 21 2019

Local Apple alums launch a jewel of a startup

Markette Six
When Apple Inc. alums Heather and Justin Knapp decided to start their own business, they didn’t want to do it in startup saturated Silicon Valley.
OCT 21 2019

Markette Six

Markette Six
No time to hunt for extra special, unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your someone special? No worries! The folks at Markette Six have made treasure hunting easy with their online luxury shopping platform.
OCT 21 2019

Meet Markette Six: A Pre-Owned and New Jewelry Platform Founded by Former Apple Execs

Markette Six
Options for buying and selling luxury jewelry and watches online have exploded in the last five years—neatly ushering the twin crazes for vintage jewelry and high-end watches into the digital age.